A docking cutscene for npc/player owned structures

Aight hear me out,

You fought bravely against some juicy npc pirates. You align to the next station send a request for docking and then you suddenly disappear mid space. Why not make a cutscene where u see yourself flying into the entrance. This would basically make up to the animation during docking. Then just add a botton to skip if you get tired of seeing it and be done with it. You can add useless fleet formations why not add a little more useless stuff to the little things ?

Just a suggestion from a cutie peace o/


I like the idea for those that wants that extra immersion.

I would want to have a on/off toggle for it as in my type of gameplay that would cause issues. Since reshipping into another ship needs to be quickly.

Maybe post that in the Player Ideas forum section so it can get the right attention.


I will <3

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