Docking and Undocking


I really would like to see a different kind of docking and undocking at Starbases and Citadels…

What would be really cool is that instead of going inside the Starbase/Citadels is that your ship would berth outside the Starbase with a docking arm coming out and connecting to your ship.

It would be something different and look really different…


ive never liked the idea of docking in stations but then im not keen on docking arms either
i prefer the idea of ships having their own hangar bays where shuttles and corvettes can ferry back and forth between ships and stations and other ships
i guess it just depends on what fits with personal fantasy

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I think the stations should spin and we all get flung out randomly

Why the F are you digging up these age old threads. How much of an attention w***re must one be to ACTIVELY search old threads to bump with some BS nonsense replies.

Knock it off with the revival of old threads. First warning.

Also closed.

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