Docking Bay Question

Is there anything in canon about the transition from space arrival, docking and station. My story has a fight scene around the crew and pilot getting into a ship.
When a ship enters the station I presume this is in vacuum?
Is the docking bay in vacuum?
Where does the vacuum end and the gravity begin and what are the mechanics to get from one to the other?
I am only a two month old player and haven’t consumed all the lore but I am wanting to do a couple of stories for Pod and Planet so any hints to best lore resources would be so helpful
Thanks o7

I assume the entrance corridors to the station are not pressurized, though there are on most station models clearly forcefields around docking areas and such, so maybe they are. I don’t think it’s ever been specified anywhere.

Well, at least while we still had Captain’s Quarters it was open to the hangar, so it must have atmosphere. I vaguely recall there being some sort of force field thingy at the end of the opening where your ship comes through to the hangar, though I might also be misremembering it.

These might help you a bit: Hangars and Berths.

Thanks Telnyhr, those links help a lot. I am presuming that pilots (capsuleers and baseline) would want to ‘kick the tires’ and do a visual check of the ship before undocking. Crew would have tasks concerning cargo that would be undertaken in pressurized gravity, so it makes sense to have the immediate docking bay not under vacuum.

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