New to Eve w/ couple of newb questions

Hello all,
I’ve been looking through the forums and I have a couple of questions.
First I’m an alpha for now but will go omega when I get to the point I need to for ships and gear.

Is it possible to buy or build something that a small player can place and then dock into that isn’t crazy expensive? I’m thinking something small like a remote lab type of thing that I can drop out in the middle of no where.

If not are there npc stations I can dock in that are in low and null sec?

Sorry if this is a common question but I couldn’t find anything that really answered it.

Thanks for the responses

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Hello, and welcome to EVE.

The short answer is “no”. There is some talk of adding modules like this to replace something that used to sort of fill this role, but no details on the specs or timeline for that.

But there is a module called a Mobile Depot that you can carry in your ship that you can deploy to allow you to refit. So, with one of these and the appropriate repair modules, you can set up, repair or refit your ship for different tasks, and carry on. They are fairly big, so pay attention to your cargo space, but it’s a good option.

It depends on the system, but generally yes.

No worries- we’re here to help!

Fly safe



Thank you


ccp mentioned making a small and temporary citadel for just this type of operation… but that will take time to come out so wait and keep checking on the updates. if you watch the fanfest stuff from this year you will hear them talking about it somewhere… they have like an hour long video talking about the future of citadels.

and low sec and null sec are tricky areas but essentially low sec is free to all who can fly around that space… null sec is divided between player owned space and npc space… in player sov you may not be able to dock at most citadels or stations because you are not in their allaince or corp. but… in npc null sec you can use the stations. if you rent offices there, you can get use of a corp hanger if you need, to divide stuff between alts or memebers. I like to set up jump clones in stations near where I want to go ratting, and occassionaly I will jump out to stain or curse or serpentis npc null sec to search for office spawns. which pay out crazy isk…

for low sec, there are no bubbles, so you get a little more freedom, but that doesnt mean low is safe… with local to tell you who is in system, it can be safe if local is 0! so search dotlans for systems and routes to that system that have low traffic, less risk, etc.

Im a nomadic type as well, we use offices in many regions and jump clones to easily get to said area of operation for that day or week… etc.

always use undock safes!!! and never if you can, lite a cyno when others are in system… especially if you are using stations. learn where cynos can be lite on stations, etc. use of a JF is really helpful if you like to go to low and null sec and wish to jump over all the threats on the way to your desto… all you ne4ed is a interceptor with a cyno and you can go basically anywhere in eve on the map and not worry about getting ganked, unless you afk or some ■■■■ like auto pilot. which you should never do.


Thank you. I’ve got a few more things to look up.
That is the best part of these forums. I read things that raise numerous questions and then Goggle the night away while my wife plays her Harry Potter game. :slight_smile:


If shes playing with the harry potter vibrating broomstick with the door locked, youve got other problems at home mate.

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Lol, it’s some Facebook thing but she’s setting timers to get her energy lol. Keeps her busy while I try to figure out what’s important in Eve.

I keep reading that autopilot is a death sentence but I’m not sure how much has changed in the game since many posts are really old. The tutorial didn’t really explain how to travel without it so I’m looking for a current link on traveling basics without autopilot. It looks like waypoints are the way to go but if anyone has a recent link to “how to travel” without autopilot that would be sweet. I found a link to eve university but it’s a bad link so I’m still digging.

Just make sure she doesnt lock the door when shes on it.

Its a risk, nothing more. Some days its fine and youll come back an hour later at your destination. Others, you will hear a beeping sound and its too late for your pod.

You can always warp directly to a gate and jump through automatically. You just have to click the gate in your overview list, and then click “Jump through to” in the window directly above/below it.


It’s still a death sentence if you’re at war, going through lowsec / nul or carrying too much value in a low HP ship. Other than that it’s just loads slower than flying there yourself, due to landing you 15km from the gate and slowboating in for every jump.

I think you are confusing waypoints with autopilot. When you “set destination” to some station, a route of how ever many systems away it is appears. They are color coded by security level. When you undock, the gate leading to the first system is highlighted in your overview and if you click on it and choose “jump”, you are flying manually. If instead you click on your ship and select “autopilot” from the menu, THEN you are on autopilot and can walk away and get a beer and help your wife with the Harry Potter game. When you get back to your puter you will be at some point in your journey or even at your destination. Or you will be dead.

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Got it. I was reading about waypoint being set at 0km at stations and gates so you would warp closer to avoid getting gobsmacked I think. I’ve got a guinea pig toon I’m going to use to do some hands on experimenting while my main trains :slight_smile:

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Those are called bookmarks and more specifically instawarp and instadock. You put a bookmark at 0 from the station and when you come into the system you warp to it and then click the station while mashing “D”, the keybind for Dock. That’s an instadock. The instawarp is for getting away from the station. You put a bookmark a certain distance away (can’t remember the minimum distance) and when you undock, you immediately warp to it. When you set it up you have to fly straight as possible until you reach the desired distance and then bookmark it.


Cool, ty


Depends on your definition of “crazy expensive”. If you set up a corp for yourself (or if your current corp allows it) you can place a Raitaru citadel (more accurately, engineering complex) in an arbitrary spot in space. You can dock at it, refit, repair, put guns on it, etc. You can also install service modules on it allowing it to manufacture stuff, or run research jobs, or reprocess minerals, or do a variety of other stuff.

However, just setting it up will cost upwards of 600 million ISK, and each service module will run a few hundred million ISK a month, so if that counts as “crazy expensive”, then it’s not for you… Especially because other players can declare war on you and take it down (or in low/null-sec, just take it down). It’s a lot of effort, so they probably won’t do it for no reason, but it’s a possibility.

Another option is to use a citadel provided by your corp, or by other players – sometimes they are set up to allow anyone to dock and use their services (maybe for a fee).

There are! Lowsec is full of them, and is technically still NPC space. Nullsec is divided into NPC nullsec and player nullsec. NPC nullsec is owned by outlaw factions rather than empire factions. It has stations here and there that you can dock at, but take care: players might be securing that area and might decide to blow you up for using the station.

To see what stations are available, you can use your in-game map or an out-of-game one like the excellent Dotlan:

For reference, the NPC nullsec is:

  • Curse region (Angel Cartel) (*)
  • Great Wildlands region (Thukker Tribe) (*)
  • A couple systems in Geminate (Society of Conscious Thought)
  • Outer Ring region (Outer Ring Excavations, or ORE)
  • Syndicate region (The Syndicate) (*)
  • A couple constellations in Delve (Blood Raiders) (*)
  • Stain region (Sansha’s Nation)

The ones with (*) next to them are accessible directly from hisec/lowsec, without needing to pass through any other nullsec, if that is helpful to you.


I thought this was especially helpful here! thanks for mentioning this! Its really important to have a “sense of awareness” in Eve especially when you step into low sec, null sec or wormhole space. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that helps. Of course, them being accessible directly doesn’t mean too much about their safety – people can still camp NPC nullsec with the same sorts of tactics they use to camp player nullsec – but it’s something. For one, fewer people will probably mind if you set up a citadel in NPC nullsec than in nullsec owned by their alliance.

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Id have to agree. The wildlands was the region I took my carrier out to, my first capital ship with a jump drive, when I was just starting to learn how all that works.

I like to armor tank for npc that do em and thermal dmg… and I like to shield tank for npc that do exp and kin dmg… the reason why is your ship already has resists to these areas, might as well use them to an advantage. I can get a better fit keeping this in mind, so ratting in Wildlands with a shield tanked carrier was the idea, that would rep my two battleships that were also shield buffer tanked. I used the carrier to rep the battleships while running sanctums. this is way before carriers had fighters. For stain, I use either armor tanked ships, OR t2 ships with high em and thermal resists. This lets me fit less tank mods, for more dmg output.

Anyway, flying in npc space did teach me many things. Which of course translates over to pvp after all. at least for me it does.

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