A extended version of the "THE MINMATAR REPUBLIC" music?

I keep going back to 1:32 to listen to the best part of the song but always get disappointed by it being so short. Is there by, any chance, this is actually a independent track somewhere?


I second this motion.
Can we get a movement?

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I though exactly this. It was a nice trailer

It sounds like some Viking song.

Kind of remind me the song In Maidjan. To be honest I think this is the song


Wow. Can you tell what language they are performing in?

Isn’t obvious :wink: Icelandic … I mean old Norse. Hahahaha.

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It’s very similar to that song indeed! While the track is not exactly the same as far as I can tell, I would be very surprised if that group didn’t perform the track for the minmatar republic video. It’s exactly their style of music, from the grunts, rythm, language to the high soprano notes.

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It was made for the trailer Stream EVE ONLINE - THE MINMATAR REPUBLIC | Makewaves audio by Makewaves audio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Very similar , Hey why do you delete your comment, we finally agreed in something. I totally think that is something the Mimmitars will sing

It’s back! :stuck_out_tongue:

I associated because of the drums and the rhythm and the gutural sounds

When I first heard it on the trailer I assumed it must be Heilung, they have such a distinctive sound. Bloody love 'em!

S’ok this’ll do for now.

Kids these days.

It doesn’t sound anything remotely like a “Viking song”. It sounds like generic euro metal.

Not saying it isn’t good. It’s just not Viking.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

fantastic album by the Brazilian band sepultura
with participation of actual Brazilian tribes
have similar vibes in some musics

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