[AUDIO] Matari Dawn: Minmatar Themed Background Music

This work was shaped by my experiences with a Minmatar alt of mine. It’s completely electronic and a reasonable length for b/g music, at 3’ 04".

There are a couple nods in the direction of Jon Halldur Haraldsson (EVE’s composer), but the music is my own.

Software: Propellerhead Reason, Adobe Audition.

I hope you enjoy it!

Matari Dawn

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I listened to this earlier whilst travelling through highsec and it fit very well. I’m long past listening to the in-game music and I don’t usually seek-out electronic music, so it was a refreshing change.

I’ll give it another listen tonight when I go out hunting.

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It’s no secret Pix, but I’m not a fan of EVE’s music, either. I play with it turned completely off. It’s not a criticism of Haraldsson’s ability - he very clearly knows what he’s doing - just a matter of personal taste.

I had to listen to it for a few days tho, because I was determined to put a little good-natured troll in there…!

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Now I’m curious! I wonder if I remember the soundtrack well enough to spot it, I certainly didn’t the first time round.

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