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Where did it go? I for some reason no longer hear the music when creating a new char in an empty slot I have. I usually would let that music play, for minmatar, while sleeping, or showering, or when wanting a nice chilled vibe. The Caldari song was nice too.

I cant find them on youtube. I want to have the mp3 file to add to my music collection please. Anyone can help point me in the right direction?

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This one?

Wouldn’t say it was something I could chill out to myself - maybe the Gallente theme - but each to their own.

Edit: Ignore the image

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Yep, those are all cool songs imo. Maybe its because Im not using a brand new account or because I deleted older chars or something, but I dont get this atm if I go to my char setup.? or maybe cause my slow net? do you have a free slot? can you test to see if the theme songs work still? cheers.

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Would love to get high quality recordings of these …

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Maybe you have music turned down or outright turned to zero and thus when you create a new char the client settings carry over? Some settings and parameters are shared among the same account so any character on the same account will share those as well.

If that’s the case just sign in to one other character on that account, turn music up then sign off then on and start a new char as usual.

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Here you go: http://www.modenstudios.com/EVE/music/

If you scroll down a bit you’ll see the Amarr theme, Caldari theme etc. Sadly the bitrate is very low but it’s the only download I can find.

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eve has music and/or sound?!?!!! I’d rather listen to my cat fight off a raccoon.

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IDK eve had a music control wow, of all the things one slider in the esc panel I must have missed… hmm… lol really people? are YOU that stupid… or unable to understand that people usually figure ■■■■ out on their own? OF COURSE I have checked the volume… and OF COURSE I have noticed the settings transfers to other accounts… facepalm. I just switched ISP and since I had, I noticed the free slot on one of my accounts, which I use to listen to the char creation themes pretty much on a weekly basis, no longer worked. so I didnt assume the issue was on my end, disregarding my connection is a little slower. cheers for all the serious replies.

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Ouch…that time of the month?

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Yea I cant find a high quality dl… :frowning: it really bugs me. I LOVE the theme songs, in fact the minny and caldari are ideal to meditate to for hours if you ask me.

I got the ones available and they work, I did some editing in my DAW to improve the overall quality and it sounds much better but, its not right.

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There may be a possibility…

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That is a pretty handy guide. Though I rarely use Audacity anymore… I still have it installed and used to be my go to in the studio.

I need the original though, either by source in the game, which seems no longer available, tthey have new music up now. :frowning:

or by a high quality recording initially. the one of the website mentioned above is very low quality compression,

ever try to edit a poorly recorded and compressed audio file? I can make it sound a lil brighter but too much and it shouts out all the imperfections blatantly, sometimes making it worse.

If there was a high quality mp3 or compressed file that is different, I mean like 41k and above. cd quality is low quality to me… when I record my music its at 98k sample rate at 24 bit. but I have special gear for that. and Id be printing source files so its different.

thanks for the help. Audacity is pretty handy, Ive used it for over ten years or something. I like free audio editor as well… but there is no compression with that app… I use my DAW now for those things which has a stupid capacity for quality, being I purchased dedicated clocks and ad/da converters. When you get that high you really cant hear the quality differences past a certain point, but they are in fact there.

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Oh, I didnt notice that at all, I didnt make a new character for ages.

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naa, I had seen your post though. :slight_smile: thanks. Its the caldari and minmatar theme I love the most… I do at least have a copy of each, that are low quality. I have modified them to sound better, or enhanced… :slight_smile: works the same.

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those should be all of them

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Thanks. just wish I could find as a high a quality one as the caldari for the minmatar theme. Im sure It will pop up somewhere.

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Caldari is great.

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