A few good men

looking for a few pilots to come bolster my corp, i’ll spare you the propganda that usually fills recruitment threads and keep it simple.

My corp lives in syndicate and would like a few more pilots so we can accomplish a little more, this may include better control of the area we live in aswell as possibly taking on some small merc type work; not specifically war deck related. Other items of interest may be taking down light targets in jspace for possible loot pinatas.

There are of course more opportunities to make isk out in Syndicate for those that can defend its own assets for example moon mining, but for solo time its pretty much mission running, exploration, pi; the usual guff.

Looking mainly for experienced pilots who like myself need a crew to roll with, what id like in an ideal world is vindi, bhaal, oracle and logistic pilots.

I will consider taking on lower skilled pilots depending on experience and capabilities.

I can offer only so much at this time and make no garantees for content, the type of people im looking for will pretty much know this and have scrolled past most of the propganda bs that offers ‘daily roams and free ships’ etc.

Corp is pretty much me and a couple of alts, i have about ten years ingame experience much of which is in pvp but i do also have some grasp of ‘how stuff works’ so if your a returning player i can easily guide you back into play.

Message me in game or simply join ‘27th Penal Battalion’ chat channel ingame for a quick chat.

Fly dangerous o7

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Really could use some good dudes and dudettes, were not overly fussy about efficiency on killboards; just efficiency in fleet but this often comes with some adjustment time!


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