A few ideas, QOL ideas

While me and my friends are on discord we talk, here are some ideas that come from those talks.

This is a BIG one, most players have more than one toon, the idea is simple, a special “shared” hanger that is control using access list. So you can give ALL your toons access to the same hanger.

This also goes with the following idea, a shared wallet that is also control by access list.

For capital people, how about fleet hangers that are control by access list as well, I dont always want to open my hangers up to everyone just one or two people.

I think its time for a “T2” or a super rorq. Yea laught, but think about it, over the years miners have gottom big big boost, then just get those boost taken away with nuffs. Give us something back but make it cost a ton. a super rorq that gives better bonus, and can use double the excavs or give a really big bonus to excavs.

How about a t3 miner as well, something kinda like the what strategic crusisers can do. with different subsystems. Or add some special “ore” sub systems to the current strategic crusers to allow them to mine more than a hulk.

How about a drop down in the feeting window to load different masteries so you can see how they will do at different mastery levels. Going with the fitting window, how about a way to add different imps into the simlation.

How about a ship that is on the blackops level that is more on a capital level. Maybe something that can only junp to covert ops ships, I would love a covert ops capital. This will bring a hole new level of capital fights.

I would also like in the luncher a way to sync window settings, overview layouts and so on, over to other accounts.

Yes ! would apriciate such QoL improvements ! but i could imagin thats possible to abuse.

no ! would be to powerful ! we all have seen what happen if only rorquals sitting in belts and mine stuff !

NO ! Barges and Exhumer are great for mining. there is no need for any T3 miner …

Mastery is a shitty system. it can help you out if you need a bit of orientation but never ever listen to the mastery system !

no ! you have black ops ! where is the game improvement to a “Black Ops Capital” ?

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