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Stillll recruiting. Had a nice brawl with EVE Uni tonight in Gilas, then with Rets and Deacons. Roamed a little while afterwards but didn’t find much.

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Small roam with 2 x Vaga, 1 x Deimos, Maulus, HFI:

baited by a Mega, ended up with enemy Leshak, Broadsword, 4 x Exequror, 2 x Gnosis, Vigilant, landing on us.

Must be a quiet day in lowsec…

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First fight last night was a straight up dunk.

Forced into an unfavourable fight against a comp they formed just for us which was massively overkill. We also had another VNI and Exeq which report doesn’t show but even then we couldn’t really put any hurt on 4 Basilisks nor tank BNI damage.

Then we hopped into kiting ships and went to Catch and farmed a lot of kills, but sadly they didn’t form anything for us.

Good fun all round though!

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3 x Gila, 1 x Loki, 1 x Orthrus, 1 x Stiletto, 1 x HFI, 1 x Sabre.

Went to Pure Blind. Shot a jump bridge. They undocked around 25 Caracals (with damps) with Scimis and Scythes. We kited them for about an hour, spent a lot of it damped, killed quite a few of them, played some fun games and lost nobody. Was good fun all round.

Roaming again tonight!

This was Legacy’s response fleet. No, seriously, they slid this into the ESS on us.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Out roaming tonight! Shot at somebody’s jump bridge. We flew 3 x Gila, 2 x Scimi, HFI, Orthrus, Sabre, Malediction. Their response fleet was unfriendly and very good at anchoring.

Didn’t get much fun out of them, so roamed around a bit, went to lowsec, killed a few things and called it a night.

Roamed again tonight. And still recruiting! Took out 5 Harbs, 3 Guardians, 1 Ashimuu, 1 Armageddon, 1 Celestis, 1 Sabre, 1 Magus, and a couple of inties.

Ended up in a fight with Bartrom in Minmatar lowsec. Great fight, neither side managed to break anything until a Thrasher fleet came, then a massive Gila fleet cyno’d in and ruined it. We scored some kills as a result.

Took a filament to PH space, who didn’t undock (probably as Minions had been farming them all evening)

Good fun was had all round.

One of our Guards afterwards…


Easy but fun fight so far tonight. Managed to catch another kiting gang afterwards. God Sacrileges are fun.

Still recruiting!

Stillllllllllllllllllll recruiting.

Recruit recruit etc

We killed most of the Hysteria guys, Odin came in, didn’t really catch much, then left.

Second fight, Russians undocked some stuff, the Blackbird really ■■■■■■ our logi over and we lost a few things, but still took out two of them. Fight was doable but just couldn’t catch that Blackbird and it tipped the scales in their favour.

The Cynabal was the icing on the cake just beforehand, caught with a wickedsick boosh.

Taken on some cool new members lately. What are you waiting for?

Roamed tonight in 6 x Phantasm 3 x Scalpel 1 x Stork 1 x Sabre 1 x Stiletto, farmed many a kill, had one fight with French Connexion, which was hairier than it looks given we both jumped into a system at the same time and fought from decloak - pretty sure a few escaped as well.

Almost had one other fight with a Cerb / Caracal fleet but they didn’t like the look of us.

Still recruiting.

Corp arena tonight. T1 Battlecruisers, T1 Cruisers and Navy Cruisers free for all.

Still recruiting! Roamed tonight but just had no luck on finding anything to kill.

Still recruitment etc.