100% small-gang PVP, 100% EU timezone, no sov, no Alliance, no big blues. Kill everything.

We focus on small-gang PVP in low-sec and particularly in null, using the tools we want and going anywhere in the galaxy that suits us, and to do two things: kill as much as possible, and take as much loot home with us as we can reasonably carry.

  • 100% PVP – regular scheduled small-gang PVP fleets, ad-hoc micro PVP gangs,

  • A genuinely helpful, friendly community of 100% European timezone PVP players,

  • A real appreciation for the fact you have a real life: a casual approach to the game,

  • The ease of staging out of Jita 90% of the time –easy, no jump freighters required…

  • The other 10% will be spent deploying to content regions and killing everybody there.

Visit our website for more details, pretty pictures, hot PVP video action, and all the links you could ever need.

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