A little something for the Indy folks

This is completely a vanity/fluff thing, but what if ships had an attribute of “creator” that would be visible either in the “show info” window and/or on the ship itself, which would bear the name of the person who actually ran the indy job to create the ship itself?

To take it even further, what about putting a symbol on the ship of the corporation (or, even fancier letting the player design his own logo) on the ship, which would be visible when “looking at” the ship?

This has been suggested before, the idea may be ok. However from a programming point of view it’s not a viable option as it would require a different TypeID for every creator (player in EVE), meaning that for just ships alone there would be (potentially) billions of TypeIDs. Number of ships multiplied by number of characters.

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Making every possible item/producer combo a unique item is not a good idea.

To elaborate on the above posts, the problem is really going to be in the stacks of ships and items.

In Eve, stacks of items are considered a single item in a database. Think of it like a row in a spreadsheet. You could have two stacks of unassembled Caracals; one stack of 10, and one stack of 50. Even though there’s 60 Caracals in total, they take up exactly two lines in the spreadsheet/database.

Now suppose that half of the stack of 10 was created by you, and the other half was created by me. How can the one row in the spreadsheet keep track of which of the Caracals were made by you, and which were made by me? When you pull one Caracal off that stack, which do you select? How do you select it?

This is why tracking the creator of an asset is impractical.

The obvious option - one that isn’t practical - is that you track each and every asset on a separate row.

But I have hundreds of Caracals. And millions of missiles. This change would make the size of the database explode like a bomb. All of this extra data would need to be send to your computer, and my computer, and everyone else’s computers… making network usage explode like a bomb too.

This is why damaged objects can’t be repackaged. Damaged needs to be remembered, and it’s not feasible to do that for stacks of items.

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