Permanent Branding for ships built and sold by corporations

Dear Developers,
♆ Veretasium ♆ is the corp that I belong to, new to environment in some cases however the leadership and team worked extremely hard and have managed to successfully earn and gather collectively the ISK and purchased the “Drake Blueprint” of which we plan to start selling at our Refinery Markets. Directly and through our alliances.

Please could you develop the code so that when a ship is built and sold by a corp its brand / symbology is part of the design even with skins applied .

A rewarding action/code ,for players / corps whom have been committed to the New Eden Industrial/ Spaceship building industry.

Even if it is simply a custom symbol, alpha and symbol sequence. For example ♆VTSM♆

Thank you
Kind regards
Lt Cmdr; Karoli

Ship manufacturer and manufacture date

See above thread for why this is not a reasonable item to implement, owing to how the database functions, and also the right forum category to post things like this.

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It seems this has been discussed many times before :grin:.

But don’t let that discourage you from posting ideas.

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Thank you Your Magic

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lol That’s life huh Thank you.

Cool idea :bulb:

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Thank you. However feedback from others and developers was it is not possible due to the volume of memory it would require. Thank you again.

Well, to be fair, it’d be great to at least see who built the ship you are flying, as a permanent property. Just the name of the person who built it. And ships only.

Im aware it’d take some space in their db and further processing, but it’s been done before in other games. For example, in Albion Online your items show the name of the person who crafted it.
I’m not saying we should have this for every item, only for ships.

Sure, it would be neat information - but the problem continues to he the way EVE handles assets as database objects with regards to packaged objects and market behavior. That’s a massive overhaul to find some way to retain individualized data when repackaging a ship without breaking the database or the object stacking system- and keep in mind the hard limit on object stacks, which would become problematic if ships from different builders cannot be stacked together, or of these ships cannot be stacked at all in order to preserve the desired data.

Realistically, this doesn’t give any benefits and has an incredible development cost. It’s not a reasonable ask to implement it. If you personally as a producer want your ships to be labelled, don’t sell them via the market - sell them on contracts as assembled ships with assigned names, and accept that the purchaser has the right to wipe that data out.

Something being neat or interesting doesn’t mean it is a good investment of development time. This is very much one of those cases.

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