[-A.M-] Angelus.Mortis Recruiting for Nullsec

There’s ore in them thar fields and there’s billions of it!!

Another bump for a great corporation to join!!

i’m a 24mil sp player. but sure sign me up

Looking heavily into USTZ players - come join the fun

Bump for an awesome corp.

App sent

Come join the Null Sec fun in a friendly corporation

Come join the fun and epic fights. After all what other alliance has an Fc That will sing Barbie Girl !!!

Great to see so many new people joining but we are still after more.

come join the fun


Recruitment is still ongoing

Plenty of room for additional miners, industrialists and fleet lovers. Ton of private moons to strip and fleets to get involved in such as killing those damn keepstars

Still Wanting more come have a chat on Discord https://discord.gg/kwjDp5Q
And you too could become one of those PAP Crazy people

Bump for an awesome corp!!!

We should really bump this more often, but it gets lost in the pile of ISK. :sunglasses:

3 days later…

oh look… 9 days this time. :smiley:


I know, I’m surprised I remembered too

one and done… maybe next time

maybe 4 is my lucky number?