A new Bergmann propaganda spot - The Bergmann Empire

Almost 4 years ago the Bergmann Federation came to life. With it three propaganda videos that were appreciated by the community. Now, we’re reforming and with it comes a new propaganda video.


explain how it is ‘different’ this time??

Good question!

  • Slower pace. We won’t rush anything no matter how fast we grow. We’ll make sure every member is ready for the next big step like moving to low-sec.
  • Clear Goals. Last time we had some ideas what we wanted to do but weren’t exactly sure. This time we have a roadmap laid out for different phases of growth that we’ll follow.
  • Leadership Structure. The leadership is clearly structured this time. In the Federation it was kinda loose. Now, CEOs become Council Members, Council Members can assign Advisors.
  • Roles & Jobs. Every member can be assigned a job in the Empire. We got over 20 roles and jobs to offer members in things they’re good at. We’re not forcing things to do on everyone but let anyone who want to apply for those to help out where they can.
  • Content creation. Those just explained jobs/roles will create content. We have Fleet Commander who take out Fleets for PvP, PvP-Trainers, Mining Foremans, Industry Supervisors, PvE-Commanders and the list goes on. Every one of them creates content in their own field.
  • Education Everyone should know what they’re getting into. Back then we didn’t know ourselves so people were generally unprepared for when changes came. “Will we go to null or low or what?”
    As we have a roadmap and clear goals this time, everyone who joins will be aware of what they’re getting into.
  • English only. The Federation was multilingual split between german and english. 70% german I’d say. This is no more, we will all speak english now, without exceptions.
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In other words, nothing is different? Same old same old generic “we have goals, we have leadership, we create content” that every Corp seems to offer these days.

I need a better sales pitch than that.

No, you need to look for another corporation if that answer wasn’t enough for you.

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Oh, my bad. I thought you wanted to recruit people into your corporation, not drive them out.

We do, depends on the people, though

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Oh, so youre looking for the people at the very bottom who dont know any better. Thats cool.

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I gave a honest and detailed answer on exactly what this person asked for. “What we do differently this time.” The things listed are exactly that - things we didn’t do last time but concentrate on this time.

I’m sorry that’s not what you wanted to hear or that it felt too generic. I sat down to give him this answer and not you personally. If you want to hear other things, you should look for another corporation in that case. Apparently we’re not suitable for you which is okay.

Have a good day, man.


Have alts inside. Can confirm, the place for the noobs of noobs.

If inexperience and failure is your thing, Bergmann Empire is for you. If you even noticed the first time he tried and failed, this one will be ever greater. Lol!

It’s like Elmo watching ‘Sesame Street’. Elmo voice: “We’re gonna build an empire!” lol

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Oh it’s true we have some newbies and rather inexperienced players.
That’s why we host PvP, PvE and Industry trainings on multiple occasions and help out where we can. If this makes us seem “noobish” from the outside then I’m fine with that.
We rather look for people with a good personality who we can have fun with than looking for skillpoints.


Nice vid, may you have much success and good luck.

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