A New Politician in the Ring

Adoulin looks into the camera from his podium on the stage which is broadcasting to all Intaki newsfeeds and anyone else who else is tuned in.

"Namas friends and f-fellow patriots of the Intaki sovereignty and the r-r-rest of the cluster,
My name’s Ulyuudh Scrycuum Adoulin, and I-I wish to ask this ques-s-stion… " he starts off with a soft and calm tone within his words.

He takes a deep breath as he’s trying not to stutter while looking straight into the audience.

“Do you know what Free Will is? It is a chaotic, yet beautiful, nature that can create and destroy life in any way possible. It is a gift but not from man… We forget that it is in our nature… That it is given to us before birth or, even, eons before our souls form into existence… Free will allows us to gain freedom, so we can live the way we wish and be free from distant tyrants. That is our individual right, and some wish to try to usurp that away…”

The camera pans out as he walks from right to left across the stage with comfortably paced stride.

“My people, my people,
WE have lived in the rule of tyrants as there are more to come to light from all corners of the cluster and beyond, but there is a tyrannical rat that cares to skurry in the cover of darkness where other rats have the decency of showing their true colors in the light… They like to parade and praise themselves as heroes of democracy. They hope to spread their theology of rule through what is their democracy and their self-righteous acts by forcing their ways upon other people who yet convert to their ideals… Is this what democracy is?”

He walks back to his podium.

“NO!” he says with a great boom in his voice.

He stops dead in his tracks as he swings his arm horizontally in acting as if he is cutting off something in front of him then he stays silent to compose himself once again.

“This was seen within the antebellum Gallente Federation before the Gallente-Caldari War…” he says this as simulated images and footage shows up onto the background screen.

“The Caldari was acting in part of one of their individual and independent corporations to gain new territory as a corporation, not a State… so the Gallente answered with blockading and bombarding Caldari Prime…” as he says this, footage of the original Caldari Prime being shrouded and shoot by Gallente ships shows up behind him then it switches to an image a Caldari mother trying to shield her child from their possible death.

“The Federation wanted nothing less but to control the Corporate-State and dictate their actions… As many escaped to their new home, New Caldari Prime… that’s when it happened,” he says then pauses with a sudden halt.

“A good part of our people, our sovereignty, which, we know as the Syndicate, wanted independence from the Federation by fighting the Gallente due to the shady dealings and decisions of the Federation, such as the two recent botched and rigged elections. The Federation dealt with this by exiling people who fought against this tyranny… They were possibly your family or your friends, but, in the end, they are heroes. They fought for freedom for the next generation that would come after them. Even though they lost, they won due to their struggle to show us what we can do if we were to fight against our distant tyrant…” as he says that last bit with a boom in his voice, he points to the distance.

“Even the Miminatar in their current state know that the Federation is just another version of their former slaveholders. They are just preaching another gospel, masked by democracy, and they were, like the Caldari when they were with the Federation, being “influenced” to adopt their version of democracy. They fight for the weak then expect that since that they “saved” the weak entity, they should be a little-ling and dwarf version of the Federation, so the Federation can be the puppet master over its subjects,” he takes a moment to collect his breath and skim his notes.

“Even as a day-to-day child, the baseliner is trained to support the ways of the Federation and would be the Federation’s spy while being deep within the other Empires… Many rights are given to the rich while the poor suffer and become the Federation’s destitute. They are given glossy and shiny indulgences and false security of rights to mask the fact that the Federation’s nothing but shady with its bureaucracy… The Federation is like rats in the sewer… I am from Maatrukaanan, where some of the Parivaars are like massive or tiny mafias where dirty dealings are common, but there is a big deal of respect, honor, and family, and disputes are handled through conversations and civil debates, yet there is no perfect society…” he pauses to collect his thoughts then he continues without little falter within his voice.

“That is no excuse for tyrants that seek power from the weak… It’s our right to fight for what’s right, to be our own people, to be free, and to live though it may cause more problems, so we would have to create more solutions and more problems because everything is in a cycle. Like life and death… It is that way so that we may learn more than what we did before… There is always a cycle in some way. It is our “Way,” our Ida, our individual path to be reborn and learn. Free will is beautiful but chaotic, so it will always have a cycle of creation and destruction, and man is the conduit… As the cycle continues, there is a balance of things, a need for moderation, a time for war and for peace, a time for love and for hate, so why does freedom ever have to wait?”

He pauses with his speech as a few hecklers spoke from the crowd and spoke their minds with rebuking and some in profanity then continues on after thanking them for their presence and valued opinions, and with a deep, furrowing glare, he looks into the camera with his cold, pale eyes “I’ll tell you all this now. We may be few, but we are many… A storm’s coming, and it’ll bring upon the apocalypse and a new cycle,” he says with a statue like prowess with little to no emotion in his gaze.

As he walks off the stage, the camera’s start to cut the feed, and it all goes black with the crowd being a mix of boo’s and cheers while many are silent.


I have mixed feeling about this speech. On one hand, dissing Federation like that is a good thing, and applying Federation ideals against the Federation itself and its actions to expose its inner uglyness - it makes me feel even better. But on the other hand, the same words like “democracy”, “freedom”, “tyrant” and using them like it’s something important - it still makes me want to pull a sour face.

((OOC- This is my character’s, Dante’s, first real podium rant, so there’s gonna be… some inconsistencies within his speeches. Thank you tho. It’s good to hear some honest critiques with what he does.))

Seeing your message/comment, Dante sent you a public hallow-graphic message.

“Thank you Jusri Kim,” he bowed to you through the message.

“I thank y-you for your message, friend. I’m learning the ropes that my father knew really well… I value your opinion. My message w-w-was rather… raw, but I will stand by what I said. As I said, no society is perfect, but that evil can be helped none the less…” he said, bowing to you again.

“I bid you a good day… Fly safe Jusri,” he continues with a smile.

I for one think this was a very touching speech

@Dante-Ulyuudh_Adoulin, if you’re reading this by chance - I would just love talk you in person. I dare say we may even share something in common with our stances of tyrannical government powers crushing something as human as free will.

I may not be Intaki - but I am for sure human my friend, that to me is the more meaningful thing we have in common than our bloodlines.

Do contact me if you can, otherwise I’ll get around to it myself

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Judging by the background situation, seems you have just spoken forward a Gallente audience, 50% of them composed by Ultra-Nationalists. Your discourse isn’t bad, but this being suggests to prepare it well before exposing at a similar public.

Thank you, sir!
I commend you on your decision to stand for what you say, for this is a rare merit for this place. I have met too many people in these forums whose words have no weight, who just say something and run away whenever I demand them to take responsibility. And I deeply respect those, who stand for their words even with their lives.

What happens in the Federation, is actually not of my concern. I don’t live in the Federation and never did - I fight against the Federation, protecting our space and our homes from Gallente occupants. I am fighting for the property of our Corporations won’t be stolen, and for our citizens won’t be slaughtered by Gallente Death Squads, for Caldari prisoners to not be tortured in Gallente hidden prison camps, for our ancestral home, for the space we colonized, for parents to not their children and children to lose their parents just because some Gallente politician decided they don’t like our way of life.

But that’s what the democracy truly does. It is a tyranny of the majority. It is a rule of people blinded by their hatred and greed, it’s a system where you can express your lowliest animalistic desires without any fear of being grabbed by hand - for it will be just your vote, one of trillions, you won’t have responsibility for that. But when most of people do that, you can see the result.

And that’s what the freedom does too. It’s another mechanism for unleashing the worst of human desires without fear of retribution. For if you’re free to do something terrible, you pretty much can do that. That’s what the freedom brings. Tyrants can’t rise to power without freedom to do what they want, without law and order to keep them in check.

We in the State don’t like the freedom because we despise Gurista. This scum that infests Venal, you will probably hear about this place or hear these names, they might even try to seduce you with their ideology. We know already who they are. Pirates. They are the epitome of freedom, the type of folk that want to do whatever they want disregarding anything. Take what they want, kill whomever they want. Because they don’t respect the law, because they don’t respect the honor, because they want freedom. They’re the type who can give you promise and then break it, going for your money. They betrayed the State. They don’t have honor. But they want freedom. Is this an ideal you would want to fight for? To have freedom to take anything you want from those who are weaker, because you’re stronger and have that freedom? Because that’s what pirates do.

Yes, no society is perfect. But when you want the purest of evils - that would be Guristas.

nods to Lafisques and says with his usual stutter,“In the Placid region and Intaki system, there is a small but were influence is decent. The Intaki assembly is contrived of three major sections within the Assembly though there are many more, but they are the big hitters… First is the Pro-Fed then Pro-State. Lastly and the smallest, Pro-Independent/Secessionist. The public takes in what they see in the news and don’t test what they see, but some do and you have the ILF and its allies. In the end, you’re right about that its mostly Fed supporters.”
Bows to you and gives you a warm smile,“I thank you for your suggestion, and I hope you fly safe and true, my friend.”

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smiles at Jusri Kim
“I see we have a common enemy though differ in ethics and logic which is totally fine. May I have you as a contact, so if able, we can become allies and friends? I have a disliking towards pirates myself. Freedom shouldn’t be used to excuse illegal acts… ‘Sodahrda pasodanc nebeklaandphis,’ or Wrath kills the foolish… Negative emotions can condemn man to death if not resolved though it will perpetuate within the cycle of life and death…”
Bows to you then salutes you in respect
“Fly safe and true Jusri Kim.”

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I would say that was only part of the reasons for secession and formation of the Caldari State. More fundamental was the defence of Caldari corporations as sovereign entities. Entities that are able to conduct all the affairs of government and states. States that have their own Executive, Legislative, and Judicial processes; are able to administer and control territories; define the rights of their citizens – especially regarding private property; issue and regulate currency; enforce laws within its domains; deliver services through a bureaucracy; and have the powers of war through a military.

The failure to recognise the sovereignty of Caldari corporations on the part of the Federation led directly to the formation of the confederacy of the Caldari State to assert those sovereign rights on the part of its CEP member corporations.

“That is so true, and it’s the same way with the Intaki Sovereignty. Each planet is independent and self reliant from one another yet stay together due to their ancestral planet being Intaki Prime… Each planet has their own forms of government. From Communist Collective to a Democratic Republic and a Union Republic. Each planet comes together independently and combats local or foreign problems…”
bows to you in respect
“I thank you for your input and presence… Fly safe and true.”

The difference however is that a Federation requires the ceding of certain sovereign powers by member states to a central Federal government. I think even with the Armistice in place there remains those in the Federation who believe Caldari corporations should relinquish their hard-fought and hard-won sovereignty and interstellar recognition to the Federation. Such people will always be a detriment to the peace.

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I skipped through a lot of the video due to the Free Will intro (I believe free will is an illusion).
To my understanding this capsuleer is starting a political career, advocating Intaki independence from the Federate oppressors, but he is not running to become president of the Federation. Is my understanding correct?

bows to Biko then nods
“You are quite right, Sri Biko.”

Very well, Mr. Adoulin, I will consider it an honor to become ally with you, but you should be aware that becoming ally with me will as well means becoming ally with Caldari State and Amarr Empire, for I value the loyalty to our respectful factions above anything else and act as a soldier for them in order to protect them from all sort of aggressions, would it be from foreign or domestic groups, would they be with actions or words.

You can, of course, set me as a contact as well. You can find me often speaking in “Intergalactic Summit” NeoCom channel (named just like these forums), and you can simply send me NeoCom mails, I am as well available for private meetings if you will feel a need for that - but I accept locations dominantly in Amarr Empire and Caldari State territories.

As for illegal acts, I think about them as a binary: you have freedom - you can commit them, you don’t have freedom, you don’t commit them and obey the law.

And speaking about wrath, I believe that wrath can be helpful, especially when you’re being invaded, when enemies murder and torture your citizens… Wrath helps you protect them and fight off the invaders. Negative emotions surely could condemn a man to death, but they also could save him from death when used to fight for the survival. That’s why Maker gave them to us, hoping that we will learn to be wise enough to understand when to use them and when not to. Our whole life is a fight, it’s a fight for survival. Those who cannot fight, succumb to death or degradation. The whole world is a hostile, inhospitable place. Stars that burn at thousands of Kelvins, free space that will freeze us to a popsicle instantly, lack of air to breath on majority of planets and asteroids that would turn our ships and stations into shredded collanders if we didn’t have shields. Everything in this world wants to kill us, if we don’t fight it off. The Maker forged us strong to overcome it, and the negative emotions can keep us on the ball.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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