A new threat that bots cant detect

This idea has the potential to end botting as we know it. And it wont just be miners it will also be ratters. The idea is to have toxic clouds spawn in asteroid belts. There should be no warning or indication other than a subtle visual one. It doesent have to be a toxic cloud. But it should be some kind of environmental effect that results in you losing your ship if you dont warp out in time. By having it only displayed visually and in a relatively subtle manner, bots may not be able to detect it. So players will warp out, but bots will stay in and die.

All asteroid and ice belts should have a random chance to be affected by this phenomenon and an affliction should last a few days. Its just a nugget of an idea and needs to be thought out carefully and in more detail tho. GOOD BYE

Kinda like the mercoxit mechanic?

Also you should throw this in features and ideas

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Please use your original thread! Update your OP with your more detailed version of your idea.