A Provocative Suggestion



Er bravo

Applauds bleary eyed

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Hey, are you that guy that was out on the street corner standing on the milk crate? With all the yelling and waving of arms? Because all this rhetoric sounds familiar.

At any rate, good luck with the cat-herding, let us know when you reach Tombstone and cash in.

Oh, and tbh man, you need a shower. I had to cross the street.


(The part with the hand-puppets was kinda funny, though.)



Cant believe I missed this part.


Woah that’s a lot. Addressed some of your points. Hope it’s not too long for the TLDR people :slight_smile: Quotes take up a lot of room.

I agree.

Nothing we can really do.

EVE Echo’s is already a thing made by a third-party developer not CCP. It’s extremely unlikely we will see a connected EVE port to mobile. CCP has been working on EVE anywhere and it’s pretty cool.

Again, we can’t do much to force CCP’s hand. EVE is their game and their vision. We provide limited feedback on what they do.

Yup that’s pretty much it. All games have a life span and EVE will eventually hit it.

It’s not even connected to the main server?

EVE would not be here if we only had omega subscriptions. Rising costs, more Maintenace, inflation, competitors from other subscription products (Amazon/Streaming) EVE is getting attacked by the market on all sides.

I will go out on a limb here and say if this happened EVE would shut down within months. Why? There are so many onetime buy games and pretty good AAA games that compete with EVE. Don’t forget the new space titles being worked on.

This I agree with. My experience in the incursion business is not the best one for an RPer/person who flies ships based on values/looks. Not most DPS/meta. Role Player’s life is rough in EVE. It’s why I loved the Trig Invasions. I flew pretty much any ship. No min/max it was pretty informal, and I loved it.

There will never be a player strike. Sorry OP. I can reference you all the threads calling for miner strikes XD I strongly encourage you to be real. This is the internet. Not some revolution.

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That sounds terribly boring. Alternatively just play No’s Man Sky and never use warp.

You’re welcome :smiley:

I mean you can already do this with corp titles?



There is also Starborn, created by the original eve devs

Who is this “we” and “our”?

You’re making demands that you want, not that everyone else wants. No one’s ever seen you before, and you certainly haven’t spent time establishing consensus for what players would collectively like to see in the game.

So maybe don’t presumptuously speak for everyone else?

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Maybe he’s talking on behalf of all his alts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :popcorn:

I want all those are aren’t wasting time with Platitudes to spread the message at every major hub and corp chat. December 1st, We leave.

I thought Eve Echoes was the existing mobile version.

Downloaded. Am I going to hate you for this? :rofl:

OP really needs to get real. He is clearly,delusional…

Investigating the game right now. Thx @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras :laughing:

Goddamn, I wanted to jump into this mans revolution, but some dudes in white clothes grabbed im and drove him away in an ambulance. Now I’m lost again, just logging in and spinning the ship while murmuring “something must be done… something must be done, right now!”. Damn it!

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Why Dec 1st LOL.


Its a new year for a new chapter. It gives us 3 months to gain the momentum we need, the following we need, to make a deep impact. It gives us all the time we need to find other things to involve ourselves in, while we wait out the winter we’re going to create. Good question.

Another reason why mining permits are never needed. James315 is ded DED


This day would give Frostpacker free wiggle room of Highsec. Oh I will be prepared to leap onto the ice belts that day! Try and stop me.

Im totally on board with moving new years day to the 1st of December.

New year parties are always a bit rubbish because they come AFTER christmas parties.
Suggest also moving easter up to the 1st weekend in january to sofen the blow of losing a holiday in january


Idk ive not given it a chance.

@Anthony_FatTony_Amico lemme know how it is