A Provocative Suggestion

It is clear that most players are still here for the nostalgia, new players bearly register as a fan base. Radical action is needed. I suggest forcing CCP’s hand before it can launch a disastrous all mobile version that will execute EvE publically and embarrassingly. We act now or there wont be anything left to bring back. EvE right now, is nothing more then a brightly lit cyberpunk dystopia that has no future, it’s on the slow painful decline into obscurity, and strains to pump out cash into CCP’s pockets for short term gain. If they won’t listen, we give them no choice, we stop enabling them, we leave until they give us what we want, or we make the hard choice to turn away and let it die a very unnatural death. You don’t have to agree with everything on the agenda, know that everything presented brings us that much closer to the restoration of what we all loved, not the perpetuation of its defilement. We are going to create opportunity, the cornerstone of what made it great, or we are going to watch it be strangled and murdered right in front of us for no other reason but one; Greed. And there’s nothing worse that; Watching something you love, murdered right in front of you, without being able to do anything about it. EvE existed for 15+ years on subscriptions alone, not microtransactions. This is what our strike will be about; It’s about everyone you lost, the memories ‘they’ try to format now, and the joy thats been stolen from you; The joy you deserve to have, you paid to have, you worked to have. If we can’t have solidarity on this one point, we will lose what we love and what we want to see succeed and flourish. We all agree on that. I’m all in, if I get banned, someone else grabs the torch and keeps running with it. This is a cause that shouldn’t have a leader, no one should get credit if it succeeds, its not about that, credit does not matter.

We perform a collective out of game strike, that is permanent, until they give us what we want; Not appease us with scraps, they give us ALL OF IT. Everyone one of us. I suggest December 1st, new years day. We make it our resolution; We go down fighting for what we love. We use the only power we have left, the only turret left with any ammo; our compliance. Our demands are as follows:

We need a new galaxy, new territory with a different setting, different access, a separate market, new and old resources. Intergalactic travel that takes alot of time and is only accessible through dangerous space.

CCP updates and interaction with player base. Feedback. Stop ignoring the player base. Actual feedback system instead of a thumbs up and thumbs down, or selective player surveys. A pop up option for describing the new patches and updates that you provide your clients.

Bring back the Juke Box, captains quarters with loot that can be acquired through PvP kills and ratting. Bring back classic Aura. The classic fitting UI, or at least the option for it.

The death of alpha clones, or a limitation to a two week trial basis with full skill sets available. Free two week trial period for both new and returning players, passed in one patch collectively. Plex is not purchasable on the market by alpha accounts. Alphas do not have access to any T2, Navy or Pirate ships or modules.

No more loot chests, welfare, microtransactions, or sign in bonuses. No sugar, no honey, no way.

Reinstate the old war-dec mechanics…

Kill the mobile version of EvE, but move the accounts into the desktop client.
Put a limit on the number of players in the corporation and the number of corporations in the alliance. We need war and redistribution. this will lead to the redistribution of space in the zero sector, and ambitious war lords. Huge alliances will be divided into dozens. corporations themselves will become denser and there will be more communication and interaction between them, and oh yes, Beautiful conflict.

Official applicable titles on individual profiles, indicating Pirate, Mercenary, Miner, Fleet commander, Covert ops specialist, scout, WH raider, Ganker, etc.

Kill jump fatigue, Salvage amount is greatly increased, Bring back the instant directional scanner, Kill the cooldown. Reinstitute permanent ice fields and off grid boosting.

These alterations will be permanent, content is to be added only, maybe altered upon player approval through an in game survey, content is never removed.

Odyssey was a mistake and the first nail the coffin of EvE. Forcing people to play the way large corporations or gankers want us too, led to this mess. The top corporations will be there no matter what, the rest of your player base won’t. No one wants to play a game when they feel like they are getting their arm twisted to play the way others feel they should. EvE is not a sandbox, it’s become a litter box, smoldering with dollar plated turds.

This community/thread is open to suggestion, welcomes criticism, and loves approvement and disapproval. We all need your engagement. We should hear what everyone has to say. This can be our finest hour, or we can bare witness to the end of EvEs universe, we either work together to keep our galaxy in orbit, or we watch as CCP snuffs out it’s stars, Forever.


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