Just a suggestion

I have a proposal.
CCP should, with no warning of any kind other than a mail you receive on login, place everyone in the game into faction warfare. The letter would read as follows:
"Greetings Capsuleer,
Congratulations, you have been drafted.
Good luck and happy hunting.

Fly safe!"

This would put an abrupt end to all of your other problems as New Eden erupted in chaos. This forum would ignite in redundant threads screaming “it’s not fair!”. Concord would become meaningless. Corporations large and small would splinter in seconds if they were of mixed nationality, Jita would detonate and it’s servers would generate enough heat to melt through the surface of the earth. Trade routes would collapse instantly as this took effect. Older players would be forced to protect newer players if for no other reason than they would need some form of buffer from roughly one half of the population, cannon fodder is such an ugly word. Highsec would convulse, the weak minded and those lacking backbones would cower in terror inside of NPC stations, the adventurous would go forth and explore their new reality and forge new alliances. Lowsec would invade highsec, highsec would fight back or die overnight, and the large nullsec powerblocks would splinter into trillions of tiny blue donut crumbs as their members suddenly found themselves on opposing sides. Brisc, sensing the end was neigh, would try to get his followers to drink the Kool-Aid and they would oblige, sadly since Walking in Stations no longer exists media coverage of this would be minimal.
New players would still be grappling with the rubble at the bottom of the cliff that is Eves learning curve and wouldn’t notice a thing, a fair number of people cowering in their NPC stations would biomass on the spot, while many old players would return. As the news got out into real world media a vast number of people would sit up and take notice and think “Something big is happening in that weird spaceship game again only this time it’s not just big, it’s gigantic!” and make them selves an account to see what the hell was happening. They would discover that buying a $45 skin for a ship they can’t use yet form the store is an important factor in surviving the first week, the clever would buy two, the share holders would be pleased.
Over time new trade routes would develop, new trade hubs would evolve, new partnerships both forced and voluntary would arise. Gankers and people already engaged in faction warfare would become one of Eves greatest commodities as the people most likely to have the skill set needed to protect (or eliminate) those without.
Meanwhile wormholers would be peeking out and barricading their holes against a flood of refugees while being forced to look over their shoulders at their corp mates of other nationalities.
Protecting miners, haulers and industrialists would become extremely important, but now it would be possible since Concord no longer entered into the picture. All player own stations would be at war by default and only the strategically important ones would be defended.
Signal Cartel would launch fireworks at everyone sitting still long enough to target.
Someone at Perl Abyss would look at their massive profit increase and quietly say to themselves “Deabak”.
Slowly, ever so slowly, new ruts would evolve, and almost as slowly people would begin to get stuck in them. The bitching would change it’s pitch from panicked shrieking to a dull grumbling as people began to grind again and become malcontent. As this happened CCP could start releasing stories via Scope News about tensions between the Minmatar and Galente, and other stories of the resentment between the Caldari and Amarr as the Amarr began looking at the Caldari as an alternative sources of slaves.
Then, overnight, the empires and their alliances could suffer yet another collapse bringing about another dark age of turmoil and war and the process could begin again.
Total war, everyone against everyone else, and once again, people would read about it in the real world news and sign up to see what the hell was happening only to discover that sitting on your ass for ten hours a day while your spaceship explodes is seriously fun and requires a fancy hat only available at the Eve store for $99.99, and once again, the shareholders would be pleased.
That same mysterious someone would look again at their profits and yell at the top of their voice “DEABAK!!!”.
Somewhere during this whole process Hilmars application of Rule 34 to the suffering of others would render him largely useless and he would seek professional help, his new psychiatrist would prescribe a trip to the Bad Dragon store and he would stay in his office for weeks at a time refusing to answer the phone and screaming “go away!” at anyone knocking on his door. People would wonder, but then shrug it off as yet another eccentricity of working at CCP.
This is a way of getting rid of thousands of little problems by making them unimportant.
It would also do a lot for faction warfare which I hear needs some help.


I totally support this idea.

Turn highsec into nullsec with the need to dodge NPCs too. Awesome.

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Rumor has it, that it can cast implosion at a specific server node.

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CCP doesn’t mess around, when they have a hat made it’s a serious hat. When they want your head to suddenly become a lot smaller they get you to foot the bill.
I want mine to come with one of those red buttons in an orange and black box where you have to flip a lid open to get at the button.

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