A question/ start of a discussion on charecter threats

Hello fellow capsuleers :wink:
I got a good question that just popped up in my mind when i did the soe arc (nothing related to it).
I know the story about the CEO of CO2 that threatened a player in the game. Well, can you threaten a player in the game by roleplaying in local chat or private chat without getting baned?
For example of a sinario: you gate camp and you are a pirate or or just a regular player and get lucky and warp scamble a player. You damand a isk sum of this player to release this player and you want to put some pressure on this player by threatening him/her
a good one would be: Pay isk to this account or i’ll bord you and shop of your limbs to pieces and feed them to my hungry slaver hound!
Is this okay? or do you have to put in a (roleplay) when you do the threat?
What threats are okay to do to the charecter that are not considdered over the line?

Questions from a light roleplayer :stuck_out_tongue:

This right here you can do, no questions asked, so longs as you have the means to do it.

As far as your ‘roleplay’ goes, that I do not know.

As far as I know any threats directed at in-game assets (ships, pilots etc) are fine. That is basic roleplaying. Any threats directed at out of game assets (real property, players, family etc) are not fine.

“I am going to blow up your pod, scoop up your frozen corpse, cut it’s arms off and use them to beat your next clone to death” is fine.

“I am going to find out where you live in real life, blow up your house, freeze your corpse in a freezer, cut your arms off and use them to beat your mother to death” is not fine.

I hope the difference between the two does not need pointing out :wink:

I get the part and know that you are not to direct a threat thowards the real person itsealf. That’s common sence. But how far can you take it directed torwards the charecter/player in-game without getting a ban. And let’s say that people outside the game sees this from a steam or a video later.

In regards to what people outside the game may think upon viewing a role-playing event, I wouldn’t worry. Most of our fellow gamers think that EVE is completely filled with psychotic or socialpatthic people; a claim I strongly deny!

I find many systems with no one in them on a daily basis…:wink:

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Unless you want a comprehensive list of every word, phrase or threat you could ever safely issue, you just have to use your common sense. As above, if you are clearly threatening their in-game character / assets then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I’m not sure why you’re trying so hard to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. There are plenty of things that are obviously acceptable, so say those. If in doubt, don’t say it. Simple.

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Why not just keep your colorful encouragement to those actions you can do in game that also do not constitute harassment?

For example, “pay me or I will pod you, then hound you wherever you go and pod you every time I see you” may be a little too far.

Pay me or I’ll pod you and make your corpse my new Chloe… Well, I’d pay at that point.


If you say, “This is a stick up, gimme ya wallets, watches, and all ya womenz or ill pod ya and use ya biomass as a tube sock!” that is obviously using an in game archetype of a gangster or pirate and would probably be allowed.

If you say, “Pay up or ill doxxx you and sell your address to a bunch of creepy people on the dark net!” That is obviously a real life threat that could bring another person harm.

Just use common sense in situations. And if you are role playing, remember that all of us live in little pods filled with goo, so chopping of the limbs before death is somewhat difficult to achieve.

I also understand that ransoming someone to order a pizza to your house is a EULA violation and will absolutely get you petitioned, regardless of toppings.

Don’t do it. Payment has to be in-game crap.


In my time playing eve, I only ransomed my victims for isk amounts with a promised destruction of in-game assets otherwise.
Sometimes I would convo aggressive war deccing corps and they would surrender immediately…paying me for my time officiating their surrender. Often I would ask them to pay a fee to the corp/alliance they decced also.
To watch 7 figures wonderfully appear in your wallet for a few lines of text is grand.

anything related to the game itself is completely fine, anything directed to out of game or yourself out of game is a vile violation and should reported as such

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Most of the adversaries I’ve faced have run to the isd’s or ccp staff and complained about something trivial. They use the “tell the teacher” method to get ccp to either ban your character or make you quit from frustration.
Yesterday was my most recent experience, so …I told the teacher. It didn’t go so well, but hey, I’m here.

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