Policy Update - Real Life Threats & Harassment

Check out this news item for details of changes and clarifications to our Real Life Threats and Harassment Policy, as well as a new public facing version of this policy as well as details on how we respond to these kinds of situations.

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Allways sad that decent social behavior has to be enforced that way, but unfortunately it’s necessary.


@CCP_Falcon How about you post the change or addition to the policies in the dev blog? Right now, this dev blog does not explain anything with regards to the changes or additions to the policies.

And is “Yo Momma is so fat” already too much?

Furthermore, yesterday someone in my fleet got presumably insulted in a private chat in what presumably was Croatian. A fleet member who speaks a similar language said it was very a very unflattering comment about someone’s sexuality, Google Translate didn’t really yield a conclusive result. What do you do in these cases?


I know a lot of angry miners who’ll get the boot hahahahah

Remember kids, it’s just pixels


Is thread/forum stalking also against the rules…



This is not a miners exclusive problem, there are plenty of hands-on and wizard hat people who got punished before and there will be plenty more I’m sure.
Remember, salt is fuel in this case.

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Good deal, I always envision a stalker as a werewolf type of person.

The types of behaviour that we consider to be harassment include but are not limited to:



Does the above apply to the character in the game or only their real-life person?

For example: In the sense when someone who is an Amarr character calls a female avatar who is Minmitar a “dirty slave harlot” in a role-playing sense? Would this be harassment or is this a role-playing mechanic?


This was one of our goals for this summit and I am very pleased to see CCP clarifying their policy so that players are aware of what behavior crosses a line, they know what the penalties will be, and that victims have resources to resolve issues when they happen.

Thanks to the CS team for meeting with us and I’m happy that we were able to work together on this.


Mitanni is still here after being on a stage with CCP staff at a CCP Fanfest and encouraging people to make another player kill himself. Your “harrassment” rules meant nothing then, they mean nothing now. Funnily enough, Mittens was Chairman of the CSM at the time as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbYNLmtAMAw


Got a little something on your nose there.

Hard line approaches never work when it comes to speech regulation. This policy is roughly there with the level of censorship that some countries experience.
The existing fighting words doctrine was a more reasonable approach.


How does CCP define hate speech?


And got punished. Different threats, different punishments though.

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miners whould never do such things, we are always polite, even to the religious fanatics of CODE.

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Hate speech is a crime in most nations and you can get jail time because of it… being banned for life from a online game for the same behavior is not nearly as extreme as you think… remember that not all all of us live in the “say whatever you want of america” and most of us are pretty happy with our laws regarding this matter…


That’s a freckle.

This isn’t speech regulation. This is acknowledging that when people make threats against folks playing a game, those threats need to be taken seriously and CCP has a responsibility to play their role in stopping that behavior.

Given how this level of harassment has escalated and people have been killed - it happened at a Madden tournament in Florida just a month ago, and SWATting is still a thing - this is something every game company needs to be cognizant of and take seriously.

I’m glad CCP is willing to lead by example in this regard.


Good too see CCP and the CSM take a hand’s on approach to this


“Punished”. ROFL


You turning SJW on me CCP? You’ll lose thousands of members who have been here since the beginning, if you do.

Let me show you a video that expresses my views on the matter https://youtu.be/VgvM7av1o1Q

Please take note