A Service You've Likely Never Seen Before

Hello, I am Mica Morsi. I am a Corporation Consultant offering a range of services to many corporations in New Eden.

My services include but are not limited to:
Corporation Aligment
Recruitment Tune-up
Recruitment Referrals
Fighting Attrition in New Eden
101 Guide to Corp Opsec
201 Guide to Corp Opsec
Navigating Hostage Wardecs
101 Guide to Diplomacy
New Ops Launch Analysis and Troubleshooting
Vet/Officer Structuring

A What?
As unreal as it may sound I have been operating for close to a year for many small (some larger, but mostly small) corporations. I offer material I have written myself as a professional in the field. Some is basic information and very general fitting many corporations. Alternatively my best work comes with working closely with a client to help them overcome their individual hurdles.

Ok… So What’s It Cost?
As I have said I have spent a year doing all sorts of consults. Each one was free of charge. That is not to say I didn’t receive compensation, as many corporations were so grateful they would send me a sort of tip for my services. As of right now, I will continue offering services for free until building a larger client base and have some strong references ready to give me credit publicly.

Note: It is hilarious as I have used almost exclusively word of mouth to acquire new clients and invariably new clients begin very cautiously thinking it is all a scam. Well rest assured, it is no scam. It can’t be when its free!

… Then… WHY?!
This is an excellent question. The most basic answer is; All of New Eden benefits to slowing down the new player attrition within this wonderful game of Eve Online. At least three of the top four reasons new players quit Eve Online has to do with the Corporations they do or do not join. If we can improve corporations from top to bottom, new player attrition will drop drastically.

To veterans this is an age old problem. That we accept as we do the seasons in the year. “Welp, it’s the new year, here come a bunch-o newbros… better sell all your Tritanium.” So I aim to help new players with the intense learning curve of Eve Online, vastly increase the content for the average corporations who struggle to survive a month, and generally improve the stability of this wonderful game, all by focusing my energy on improving corporations even just one at a time.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from your corporations soon!!!

It’s free? Do you have referrals? I love the concept. If you could mail me some of your works views material or whatever I’d live to hear more.