A speech to all friendly capsuleers and kybernauts!

Fly gloriously and extirpate!

Comms board pings as an urgent message arrives
Fellow Kybernauts and friendly capsulleers to the cause. Fleet Captain Umichi here. Over the past five months we have fought tooth, nail, and through overwhelming odds to get to where we are today. If it wasnt for your support we would not be standing at the precipiece of Totality today.

Preparing to make our leap blindly into an unknown and uncertain future for everyone involved, I won’t lie to you. I expect hardships, I expect great riches, and above all else I expect the Edencom Defense Initiative will not be letting us go lightly. I want to remind everyone that while sometimes we may not all agree on the same issue within our community there is one thing I know is for certain we agree on. If threatened we will will rise up fight the together; brothers and sisters in arms against a greater threat than our petty squabbles!

Our greatest power is our cooperation, our organization, and our ability to adapt and overcome. Never forget that; for you have proven it time and time again.

Our spirit is unbreakable, our belief in Bujan is unshakable, and our ships are sound! There is nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it! So go forth proudly into liminality and fear not! For in the abyss you are not alone!


Gods speed Kybernauts and may our winds never fail!"

For the none triangle allies/people :slight_smile:

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Removed a post that was unappropriate and also not using English in this section of the forums

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You know … the OP only posted a picture of text written in a language …
… which is also not english.

: - )

Nonetheless, thank you for actually posting the rule.
That’s a lot better than just blanketposting a list of points, like some others do.

Hi @Solstice_Projekt

I actually removed a russian post that did not translate well - I have no issue with the OP :vulcan_salute:

Good day to you sir and fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut

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Hope to see you in the Domain of Bujan OP.

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