A Storm is Coming....... Mass Extinction now Recruiting PVP/PVE Players

:zap:Mass Extinction :zap:
In game channel: MASSX

Opened Recruitment to combat and pve Pilots

Looking for:

Active players - Few hours 3-4 days a week. You don’t have to be on 24/7 Real Life comes first

PVP/PVE Pilots - Players who want to PVP and or PVE to make isk to support your PVP habits. We Focus on small gang pvp leading weekly roams and content generation. We are against Zerg PVP tactics and prefer to be out numbered. We beat our foes with strategy and well executed plans.

INDY - ISK is always a good thing. Your welcome to Mine and do other indy in your free time. We are looking to get some decent R64/R32 moons to help support peoples in game habits and subs.

We are a small group of friends. MASS is a drama free corp. We log on to have fun. MASS includes friendly atmosphere supportive of new players. If your a new player ask questions and most are willing to help out. We are currently getting ready to move into Null in the next few weeks.
Our ideal candidate is:

  • Enjoys or wants to experience nullsec combat and is willing to spend much of his/her time PvPing.
  • Mature, relaxed player who enjoys team work and a good joke.
  • Promising killboard history (kill count and K:D ratio), both recently and overall.
  • Good activity level, as judged by your employment history.
  • Around 5-15mil SP and/or can fly T2 frigates. (flexible)
  • Self-sufficient in isks.
  • Able to use Discord

Ok I’m in! How do I find out more?

  1. Join in-game channel MASSX - our recruitment channel.

Still have open spots, Get in before the black out begins for PVP fun

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