Mass Extinction is Recruiting PVP/PVE / Indy Players (New Player Friendly

We are currently a PVP/PVE/Mining/Industrual Corp that is looking for members of all experience. We focus on PVP but earn money through PVE and Industry. We live in low sec and are pushing into null. Offer 0 tax Pi through our own or alliance pocos. Fun group of EU and US players. Newer players welcome. We can show you the ropes on how to start making some real isk. Interested Message/Convo Fast End or SmarterChild in game today.

What we offer:
-Structured Ranks
-Advancement Opportunities
-Ship Replacement Program During Ops
-Boosted Mining Operations by experienced Mining Foreman
-Corp sponsored Ships for members after probationary period
-Corp Sponsored Hauling for members
-Ore/loot buy-back program
-PVP Roams
-Small and Large scale PVP
-Lvl 5 missions
-TS Server
-Team Work

No Skill point requirement
Willingness to learn a plus
Account must be Omega Status
Must have Mic

Still looking for some new members. Looking to Mine Moon Goo in the next update hit us up. Looking to take a few moons.

Got moons need miners who PVP :smiley:

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