Corp Looking for Members-PVE/PVP/Indy

Based out of Genesis region, please read below, and if you’re interested by any of the activities listed, hesitate not to reach out.

Looking for highsec/lowsec pilots- PvP/PvE/Indy.
*PvP and WH lifestyles available.
*Loads of PvE content from HS to WH.
*Alliance moons 12 times a week
*Dozens of partnered moons
*Corp and alliance fleets every day
*60-110 online between our alliance and community channels.
*Multiple fleets called each day from our community channel
*SRP, loot buyouts after every fleet, so you MAKE isk

Looking for miners and indy who dabble in other things!
*Alliance moons 12 times a week
*Dozens of partnered moons
*ZERO TAX manufacturing, invent, research
*Highsec, lowsec, WH operations
*Corp and many partners to buy all varieties of ore
*SRPed corp mining ops that PAY at the end
*A corp building many profitable relationships

Democratic and open corp seeks sharp pilots to lead the way
*Transparent management
*See where YOUR corp money goes
*Loot and salvage buyout from every fleet, so you get PAID
*Corp and many partners to buy all varieties of your ore
*Rewards, title, opportunities for advancement

Heavy LOWSEC content booting up in our alliance. Already have lowsec base. Loads of PvP, BLOPS, and structure bashing.

Looking for PvP pilots to harass, pirate, extort, and pod in a nice quiet area. BLOPS/Covops an advantage. Regular alliance content.

*Regular PvP fleets, including BLOPS and bombers.
*From frig fleets to cap drops
*Several experienced FCs to orgnize fleets
*Alliance and corp ops SRPed

Public Chat Channel: Aggrobears Channel

We’ve had several new pilots join us, stop by Aggrobears channel in game and speak with us to see if we might be a good fit for you today.

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