A stressful day in EVE? 🥱 Come over for some fun and relax!

The J4zzy Project is a place where you are truly safe from the rigors if one of the largest MMOs in the world.
It’s a place where you are free from the tight grasp of CCP, but also a well-moderated community where you can be yourself without fear.
It’s a place where new, exciting content is released frequently - and true, heartfelt effort is put into the act of delivering it to all members.
It’s a place for everyone, where rookies and vets can network and mingle together, sharing knowledge and stories and have a real good time.
If any of the following sounds good to you, come over and have a look!
Scam catalogue
Regional market
Levelling up and fun bots
The J4zzy Project is also very proud to contain one key feature - SLVGRs. Like a dusty gem waiting to be found - it has the potential to truly change all areas of New Eden, for good.
Come along, join the fun, and I’ll see you there!
The J4zzy Project

There’s still 11 hours left to win up to 20 mil for free! Come along!

Awesome new content just added, come along!

More roles, including activity and support roles! Set your name among those who were there from the beginning!

Added emojis, shop items for roles, and more!

New admin selected - so expect more regular giveaways!