Astrum Diligentia is back BABY come and take a look

After a small break from EVE we are returning to fullfill the promises we made to the eveverse.

A little about us:
We are a tight knit EU group of new players and bitter vets that are always looking for some fun.
Be it with industrial tasks, pvp or just some random shenanigans and mischief.

What do we have:
A nice nullsec pocket where u can do watever u want:

You want to mine?
Come join us at our gazilion moons or belts/anomalies.

You want to build?
We know Rome wasn’t build in a day so we have the perfect structures for you so you can build it in 2 :wink: .

You want to rat?
We have a superb truesec reaching to - 0.9 you know wat that means?
Yup yup iskies extravaganza.

You want to pvp?
We have pvp fleets going on alliance wide and sometimes corp wide.
We have some good fc’s that make it seem like a breeze.

Also we have a woman in the corp (a really real one) . A few UK guys (runaway europeans), the best dutch person you’ll ever meet, and some more random but awesome people.

But ofcourse now i keep you wanting with the next question :
If i can get all of this… What do these awesome people expect/want from me?

Mainly we want you to have fun, a game is a game not a 2nd job.
We will also never ask for isk or any other payment.
Roaming fleets are optional yet attendance is always a plus (experience wise) but u will never be forced into them.
A mature attitude (no no can do mentality).
And the desire to reach out if you think something can be improved.
Also because of our returning there are some director posts available as well if u think u have what it takes.
No bitching or whining.
Nonono not even once since we don’t build pacifiers, I repeat WE DON’T BUILD PACIFIERS.

Feel you’re up for the task of kicking back and enjoying the game with us?
Then wait no longer and come n say hi to your next fellow corpies

Wenre still open for business pplzzzzz

Come and have a talk u wont regret it

Come and take a look still looking for new members

Still looking to get more peepz

Still looking toe xpand the family

Still looking for new members

Still looking for more ppl.
Come on in duders

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