We may not want you, but we will have ya ;)

Astrum Diligentia is BACK BABY and stronger then ever. That’s why we are looking for new meat and old beef jerky to chew through. And believe me we have an insatiable hunger…

So a little about ourselves: Who are we?

A couple of old farts euhm nono i mean some Eu farts… no that aint right either… Let’s start over. We are a couple of EU friends and renegade Englishmen trying to have fun in EVE. We are manly… no mainly an Indy corp but we are trying to dip our toes (watch out coz some can smell) into the PVP water.

What do we offer:

Superb space to Krab and do industry with guidenance if needed.

Alliance and coalition pings on the weirdest moments of the day in a language u might not understand.

A solid team of FC’s that will try to get you going atleast forward or backwards depends of your own piloting skills.

What do we need?

We are looking for some more chill players to have fun with and make things go BOOM.

Only thing we ask (besides the ESI crap) is a mature mindset, willingness to learn and put up with us but mainly we want people to have fun. Is it with activities, banter on TS,… Eve is still a game and no 2nd job.

so in short: we need players that can think and breath at the same time. a working Mic is always fun to have to come and chat or for fleets.

Where is all this fun activity planned you ask?

At home, but our Eve home is deklein/pure blind together with some Volta dudes.

Q and A section:

Q) Where have you guys been hiding?

A) Under the rock on your left side.

Q) But isnt volta coalition all about pvp?

A) Hell naw i mean yea kinda but you need krabz in order to buy those pricey blingy doctrine ships.

Q) But what if I lose them?

A) Well SRP seems to be a thing from time to time so yaaay freebies

Do you think you have what it takes to become our new friend? ZUUL it will be worthy of your time

(COPPIED FROM MY RECRUITMENT GUY… because his words are better than mine :wink: )

Still open for recruitment, come join us today

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