A very Merry Christmas to everyone who is playing EvE

I started playing EvE back in 2009, along the way I have met some amazing people, some still playing some have gone on to other things.
Lol I remember running in to screw ball and his mate can’t remember how many times they poded me, I remember running in to whoride 007 and being taken under his wing and taught the basics of EvE .
From there I joined up with Three Star Corp and again shown what corp mining was all about thanks ohfor and Van ShogunDale.
But the very best times I have had playing EvE was when I recruited in to Angels of Blood and Fury (AOBF) so a very special shout out Merry Christmas especially to one crazy bloodthirsty heathen Aussie.
This could very well be my last Christmas playing EvE and all though this may not be the place to post this but its what I found.
back in 2014 I had a triple A repaired in 2018 it the bypass had became comply blocked and I needed another operation to bypass it and save my legs (left shoulder to groin was done)
In March of 2019 that bypass had a infected blood clot form inside the graft and had to be removed as best as the Surgeons at the VA Hosp. could safely do so a small drainage area was left open so that the infection could drain and a new graft was done from Right shoulder to groin) I was put on xarelto blood thinner due to blood clots.
4 days ago 12/20/2019 I woke up to a lot of blood having seeped out of the drainage area and again to day 12/24/2019 only this time it was squirt out and took a few minutes to get it to stop.
I am including the go fund me page my son has set up to help my wife and i cope with all this.
on it you will see pictures of the first operation to save my legs as well as some up dates.
Because of 4 major operations since march my wife and I stand a good chance of losing our home and now it seems (if reason for bleeding can not be found ) my legs.
So I am begging you all for your help and prayers here is the go fund me page and god bless you and yours each and every one of you.

Wow, sorry to hear about your misfortune, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you have a quick recovery.

May your future always be filled with joy and glad tidings.


Thank you and for those of you who read about my plight please share this as best you can once again thank you and may the good lord keep you and yours ever before him.

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I herniated my disk in Oct. And have been off work since. I feel the fear you must be going through in this trying time, I hope the situation you and your family are in improve next year.

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