Alpha Clones are Uselss, Eve is dying, Merry Christmas

(Expendable Unit) #1

With Alpha Clones being as useless as ever, and with Eve taking its few final breaths (dying since 2003tm), let me be the first to wish all you scrubs Merry Christmas.

(Quelza) #2

Merry Christmas to you as well <3

(Keno Skir) #3

Merry xmas meaningless forum alt :blush:

(Ima Wreckyou) #4

Happy holidays and a Merry FSMas space friends!

(Marek Kanenald) #5

I for one welcome our new Alpha overlords.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #6

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Hans Gruber falls!

(Mike Azariah) #7

Merry Christmas

god bless us one and all


(Mina Sebiestar) #8

awww so

(Tannia Ambrye) #9

Bah humbug!

err, Happy Festivus! XD

(Ian Morbius) #10

Merry Christmas, and to all third shift system administrators a good night.

(Tiddle Jr) #11

Merry Dying Evemass.

:santa:Santa hilmar…

(Scipio Artelius) #12

Merry Christmas all, especially Lulu

(Abyss Azizora) #13

Merry Christmas! And eve has only technically been dying since 2012, but the meme is eternal.

(yellow parasol) #14

A happy pagan holiday to you as well, mate!

(Aergri Evingod) #15

merry xmas to you

and an RP pagan holyday

(yellow parasol) #16

That’s not roleplay. Christmas is and always has been a pagan holiday. The celebration of the winter solstice. (triggering piggy again :D)

(Magnus Orly) #17

As an alpha and casual player I feel so “cheated” (I know its not the right word) about this update. I mean I thought we could use all thoose ships and skills…but beeeep no, they made daily missions to unlock them…doh…bummer…oh well…call me when they make EVE 2.0.

Oh yeah…and Merry Christmas :clown_face:

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #18

I’m sorry that you’re playing a game for free and receiving less than you think you deserve for that.

(Mark O'Helm) #19

Christmas is a lie. Happy winter solstice to you all.

(slphy vansyl) #20

missiles xmas to all!