A way to produce and share in game reference material

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Back in the day we had the old IGB, which was great for linking to reference material on the internet. With this gone we now have to open all links in the external browser, which can be a pain, particularly if you play full screen.

With the understanding that the IGB was removed because it was a nightmare to keep up to date and secure, I was thinking about a way to implement a replacement feature that game some of the ability to share reference material back.

So my idea is this. Upgrade the notepad to allow you to create shareable notes and use a markdown syntax to make notes more feature rich. This way you can create a note, drag-drop it into a chat window and other people could then open the note and read/save it.

The markdown syntax would allow a bit more customisation of the note without having to add a suite of toolbars icons to the notepad, there would just need to be a button to swap between source and view mode. A linked note would open in view mode with a “save to my notepad” button which you would need to do in order to then edit the note (as this would save a copy for you to edit).

What do you think?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

most ppl don’t even link these sorts of things in game anymore. Generally it’s linked in a third party like discord where you can then open it on a phone/tablet/laptop/ect.

I highly doubt this would be worth the time to implement considering how well the player base has adapted

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The one thing I would see this being useful for sharing a single link to a note filled with a list of in-game contracts.

People use the MOTD in multiple personal chat channels for that list sharing ability yet that can get cluttered and messy pretty fast–both for the creator and customer if they don’t want endless open chat windows.

Or if we got to the point of being able to mail bookmarks (mailing list) or save them in notes, the ability to share those bookmark note lists would be stupendous.

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