How to make a chat channel with hot links urls stay after you quit game?

I see these channels with links to outside web sites like kill boards and stuff. I made a channel for my 2 accounts so I could use the links. I put the links in channel and they worked. When I quit game and then log back in my links are gone? I have searched for hours to find how. Back after 5 years and it seems all I do is relearning stuff I used to know.

You need to open the 3 dots at the top right, and edit the channel MOTD to set text or links that always show when someone joins the chat.

thanks I tried looking every where for how to do it.

The chat channel MOTD is great for sharing common links with other people.

If your goal is to just store links for yourself then the Note tool is better suited for this. It is under utilities in your neocom, if I recall correctly.

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