Linking Chat Channels (Old Way NOT Working) (t. EDITED: It's Easy)

Old way, where you take ID from a .txt file from Users\*yourusername*\Documents\EVE\logs\Chatlogs and put it inside little line of code — is not working anymore. Chat ID found in this way these days is some strane mix of numbers and letters and is of no help in creating clickable link to your chat channel you want (are currently in, you posses and some extras on top) of choice.

Can someone enlighten me (us?) on why is this so? Some new change I missed, or else…

Much thanks.

EDIT: Okay, apparently it became very easy and under my nose this whole time; just open
Channels menu in NeoCom and drag–on any channel. Presto. They even divided them in neat folders.

Sorry for spam. Maybe someone finds it useful (hopefully).

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