My Chat Channels Won't Connect At All

So yesterday i logged onto EVE, and I found my chat channels couldn’t connect, it wouldn’t work.
I’m so frustrated I have a list of things I tried to do:

  • Restart my Computer
  • Restart EVE
  • Reset my Router
  • Reconnect to my WiFi
  • Turn off all Firewalls
  • Uninstall my Antivirus
  • Reset my Entire PC
  • Changed my DNS to Google DNS
  • Reinstalled EVE
  • Use EVE Network Diagnostics

I sent a ticket to support and they responded with a test to use the Windows Keys + R to open up CMDs and put in the stuff they’ve sent me. Sent them back the txt file they told me to send back, and so far they haven’t replied, please help me, if there is anything I haven’t done.

And you’ve not read about the chat issues that eve has been having for the last 12 months anywhere at all?

Is it the problem where The chat disappears. Or it actually shows an error message that it can’t connect to the chat channels

Because mine gives an error message

Either way, forum cannot help you that will need a ticket to CCP.

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