Need help with the new chat system

Hi everybody,

I keep struggling to find old mechanics in the new chat system. How can I link a given channel in chat? Before the patch I did it via the chat bubble/ chat listing per drag & drop. Now that bubble is gone.
Before the new chat update i was able to invite ppl to chats (r. click -> invite to chat -> chat channel). Now I am not allowed anymore, even though no roles have changed.

What have I missed or did I do something wrong?

Thank you for your help o7

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To me the r. click on name -> Invite to… -> Click on chat channel name under Start conversation works.

Yes, that works, but i get the message that i am not allowed to invite ppl. Before I could. And I dont know what caused that change. My roles havent changed for ages.

Error message: picture

Looks like settings for that channel were changed by the patch?

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