Private chat invitation problems since the patch

Hi, I am having issues with being invited to private chat. The other party cannot simply right-click my name and select “Start Conversation”. What happens is that the other person will do the above, and start a private chat but they are alone. They then have to right-click my name again and select “Invite to Private Chat”. So it is now a two step process.

I think this issue started after the chat server update a couple of weeks or so ago (the one which completely broke the game). Before the update, it was the normal method, where someone would right-click my name and select “Start Conversation”, and I would get a confirmation popup asking if i wish to join the chat (or auto-join if they are on my buddy list). It also worked normally with that (awful) chat bubble button.

Is this two-step process normal and working as intended? I can confirm that my settings do not auto-reject chat invites.

That is a Feature of the new Chat System: You have to type something before the Chat invite goes through. Simply clicking “Start Conversation” does not work any more. So, after you used “Start Conversation”, you type something and your Chat Partner receives the invite.

Admittedly, this is Kind of funny: CCP introduced Chat bubbles to increase interaction between Players but now they introduced an active Inhibitor to interaction just because their bubbles caused too much confusion. Way too go, CCP, way to go. :smiley:


Thanks, I would never have guessed that.

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