Strange Issue with Chat Windows

I recently started playing EVE like two days ago. I guess I minimized the main chat window where you can click through tabs for each chat. I tried to just bring back one chat window (specifically the Help channel and a private fleet channel). However every time I click on a specific channel within the chat channels it will just clear away the chat channels and not open any chat up. As a result I haven’t been able to use the chat function at all. If my explanation was a little rough here it step by step:

  1. Open Chat Channel Viewer
  2. Choose a chat to open up
  3. Click chat to open it up but no chat window appears
  4. Does not work for any channel

Also my chat did work initially, and I’ve tried a lot of the common issues like clearing cache, reinstalling EVE, and making sure my chat ports are open.
Please help me out cause the chat is super useful when playing with friends and for asking for help.

Thank you!

Same issue here, I’ve also tried bring the window back up with Ctrl + tab and Clearing cache to no avail…

Its a tutorial bug. I solved my issue doing this

Yup thats it. Its a tutorial bug, you just need to complete the tutorial if you havent.

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