Starting even, Windows open by itself


Every time I start eve and enter the game, my market orders window and Wallet are always open the game window. How do I stop that?


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i have been reporting this annoyance for a while now. the only response i got was to clear cache, didnt help. also, they dont show up just at log in, they also show up randomly when you have a session change or use a jump bridge. wish CCP would make this stop. market, wallet, and asset windows reopen randomly

I am having the same issue…did you ever find a resolution?


I get a similar issue where every time I am in the skills window and close it, the corp chat window opens…even though I have not asked it to.

Everytime I login to EVE online, all three of my chat windows are open. I am so tired of this. This didn’t used to happen. Probably some lame update caused this. I reset the cache and it still happens. CCP needs to get on the ball and fix this. Also when I close the AIR window all three of my chat windows are opened again.

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