Inventory window opening randomly

So for a while now, the inventory window seems to open randomly, even on clients, that are running minimized. This is something, that does not occur on a regular basis, sometimes it does not happen all day, sometimes it happens every few minutes, sometimes every few hours, I found absolutely no way to reproduce this on purpose as it seems to be completely random. It got worse, when I was in a TIDI heavy system, where the window would reopen across three clients every 2-3 seconds.

This does not seem to be an issue just for me, we just had a post about it in our alliance forum, where a lot of dudes reported this across all kinds of systems (linux/win7/win10).

Already reported this as a bug report (EBR-140940), but the GM seems to see this more as a corrupt cache problem.

I have noticed this occurring sometimes when in Citadels. The general rumor back when I saw this happening was that it had something to do with corp hangars/offices in the citadel, but never caught any of the specifics.

Have this issue pop up most of the time while being in a Citadel. Most of the time it happens when not doing anything on the client itself.

Yeah, someone else confirmed it just happened to them in a perfectly normal station, while quite literally having their arms crossed. No inputs. Funny little bug.

Maybe the loot fairy is at work, either trying to give to or take from your inventory. :scream:

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