Fleet hangar bugged for eternity

If you have your fleet hangar/ore hangar compacted and locked (using new locking feature for UI) then reopen it after it’s closed by dragging the name from inventory window onto your screen for the smaller window to stay open, it becomes stuck and cannot move or be interacted with. It’s essentially a ghost window. spooky wooooo.

Also as a side note please reinstate the hovering over the icons in the top left when minimized to open a little window. That was crucial for me when I had a tiny little laptop screen so I didn’t have to fill up my screen with quite frankly useless information panels.

Thanks, this has been Gavin,

BTW the fleet hangar is staying open despite my leshak not having a fleet hangar. Undocking does hide it, but then when you want to open it again it has the same issue. I don’t want this to happen when I need it for dread gameplay etc.

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