Corp Hanger automatically opening

Hello everyone, I’ve got an interesting issue on just one of my accounts.

The corp hanger automatically gets opened on one of my accounts whenever I dock up, whether I’m on my home pc or my work laptop. I know whichever windows you have open will remain open when you log back in or dock up, but no matter what I do to the corp hanger window it always shows back up when I dock.

I’ve tried shift clicking the tree, closing it entirely, choosing the “show full tree” option and picking a different hanger… everything just temporarily closes it until I dock back up at our corp hanger. I could possibly understand if this was a normal feature, but it’s only happening on 1 of my 3 accounts. Google wasn’t any help for me either, the results would only talk about how to lock down a corp hanger.

Has anyone else encountered this in the past or know what I need to do to keep the window from popping up? It’s getting rather annoying at this point.

I’m having the same issue on 2 of my accounts. The corp hangar window opens on its own every 10-30 minutes when I’m docked, on any of the characters on those accounts.
On those same accounts, a few weeks ago, I tried to open the corp hangar multiple times through the neocom “Open Corporate Hangar”. Every time, the window appeared for 1/10th of a second and closed, so I had to go throught the “Inventory” button to find the corp hangar in the index tree. Maybe this is related ?

Same here, no matter where I dock the corp hanger window opens. I have to manually close it each time.

Same for me on one of my accounts

Well I never did figure out a way to prevent this from happening without resetting my UI. Since my OP, i’ve done some drastic changes there to make things easier on myself (so I can share my UI between my accounts), so reset everything to defaults before going through and doing all of that work. After resetting, my primary client (the one with the issue) stopped having the corp hanger open at every dock-up.