Eve launcher overpaints windows covering the launcher

apparently I’m one of the few people having this.
My launcher window constantly overpaints other windows covering it, when it is actually in the background. Lets say a browser window is on top of the launcher, laucher keeps popping up in foreground overpainting the browser.
It gotta be completely minimized to stop it messing with other windows.
I think this behavior started with recent patch.

any news on this?
This is quite annoying, as I have to close/minimize the launcher in order to stop it messing with other windows on same screen.

when are you going to fix this?

PS: your new forum is utter crap. dump it.

Bro after last update last week December worked fine night before next day. exec file closes in game says not responding sometimes . all i got back from CCP was ya not compatible lol. ? I was like so last night was compatible now today i not?? how the Bleep that work. so pissed. dont count on them fixing. mean should just run a older version were not take every inch ya ram and ■■■■ up like eve does

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