every time i log in and frequently when just undocking or even jumping , windows that i closed previously reopen… wallet, people and places, assets, market,
not only is this annoying and a bunch of extra clicking, when in a combat situation having windows pop up that block parts of the screen is unacceptable.
i have been told to clear cache, sorry this does NOT make it go away , nor is it realistic to clear cache every time i undock.
This needs to be fixed


I’ve not had that issue nor have I heard anyone on it so it seems to be more your end than EVE as a whole. Perhaps Verify your cache, see if that solves any issues.

this has been brought up before in another thread that i couldnt find. several alliance members have the same issue. the response continues to be “check your cache” even though we have clearly stated that this does NOT make the problem go away, nor are you going to clear your cache everytime you undock or have a session change. This thread is a plea for a CCP response, either tell us how to make it stop, or fix whatever is reopening the windows

I have this problem too, the game reopens items and market window every single major session change (undock, gate jump, log in)

I’ve had it, Aisha - and still do!

I recall the other thread. I have tried to eliminate the problem, with no success.

In my case, it’s the Wallet window, which is open when logging in to one of my accounts, despite my having previously closed it.

It’s an irritation which comes and goes, though; it isn’t constant. This time, it began soon after the most recent major update.

My cache is fine; my other settings, stable. I understand leavewiz’ frustration but, for me, it is only a minor irritation.

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Is that on all your characters or just some/one?

The only window I do not like currently is the skill queue window as it never remembers the last size I set it and no I do not want to resize it each time that I open my skill queue.

Thank you

I have the same issue too, but it’s not always there for every window, seems like it happens a lot with the cargo windows.

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So either you all have some account/character file issues. Easily checked by renaming those files and then have the game create new ones and then see if the problem persists.

OR you’re running mods/add-ons/python injections you’re not supposed to.

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O I get this with the fleet window holy moly, I had to shove it into the local chat tab and lock it so it behaves.

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I get the issue with several windows as well, Personal Assets, Wallet, Notepad… And also often two clicks are needed instead one on a lot of things.
Too much clicking.

Window issues I’ve encountered…

  1. Corp chat opens when I close the Skills menu. No idea why…I didn’t tell it to. A persistent issue…though not a major one.
  2. Local chat randomly disappears. Infrequent…but it does happen.

Oh…and another one I just remembered. Kill rights disappearing from display. The kill right will be there one day, disappear the next, and then re-appear.

I’ve 3 accounts, Aisha. This happens most often on one of them, but occasionally (rarely) on one of the other two. It’s certainly a head-scratcher.

As I say, I’m not particularly bothered by it, because it isn’t a mission-critical occurrence; just a nuisance.

Login on only that account and those characters in succession, then log out.

Go to appdata/local/CCP/EVE/Tranquility/Settings Default

You’ll see all the user (account) and char (character) files, sort them by date modified so the last ones modified show on top

rename the one user file by adding something obvious to the end of it like an X
do the same for the char files for that account

restart the client, go play a bit. Everything will be reset which sucks but that’s ok for now, see if you can replicate the problem you had. If it’s suddenly gone then you have two choices: rename the files back to normal and accept that behaviour OR set up the UI again.

just my opinion, but if i have the problem on some of my accounts but not others, or not to the same degree then the problem is something in CCP coding to be fixed. i shouldnt have to jump through hoops to prevent windows i have closed from reopening again simply because i undocked or jumped through a gate.
It happens the most on my mian combat toon so it is not just annoying , it can be deadly. 'wiindows open on my PI alts that i have NEVER opened on them (market for example). surely someone at CCP can figure out why this is happening and give us a better answer than trial an error with file renames

If it’s a coding issue all your accounts would have it and everyone else would also all have it, because all your and our acounts use the same code.

Go try what I posted, see if it works.

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Thanks, Aisha.

I’ll try this when I’m in the mood!

Hi Aisha, I followed your advice, but after logging into my machine the next day, the issue returned.

Needing more space on my HDD, I then moved the shared cache folder to an SSD I recently installed. Not only did I have to re-do all my settings (…), the problem remained when I re-started Windows.

Thanks for your suggestions though; I’m grateful!

i have explained before to aisha and anyone else that will listen. the problem persists. the fact that it doesnt happen to everyone is NOT an indicator that it isnt a coding problem. the fact that it occurs on some of my accounts but not all, tends to indicate it isnt a problem with my machine or my setup.
in fact alts on the same account have the issue to varying degrees even though they have NEVER even opened the windows that magically pop up.
I am still waiting for some kind of CCP response

btw. if you resize or relocate the windows to be less obtrusive when they pop up, the revert back to the same part of the screen and size they were whne they popped up unwanted.
i slid all of the offending windows to the side of my screen , on undock they repositioned themselves back to where they were before.
really getting tired of whatever is making this happen and the effort needed to deal with it. add this to the evergrowing list of truly dumb UI interaction required . (unecessary compression window, multiple interactions and clicks just to restart extractor heads, multiple clicks to log in, clear advertising and claim rewards)_