you open and close different things during your day , such as wallet and personal assets. they are closed when you log out, BUT when you log back in they are all OPEN again. WHY>

( i am sure someone is going to tell me all about cache, but that doesnt really explain why things you closed reopen upon log in)


Yes, it’s a minor irritation to me, too. Every time the station interior opens after logon, there’s my character’s wallet window again - which wasn’t open when I quit the game…

Havent run into this, sounds weird


Yeah seems like an issue on your ends as I had no such issue myself either whatever I have closed at logoff or closing the client stays as such and what was open stays open. Not sure how it could be troubleshooted maybe ask support. Though maybe validating the client and launcher might worth a try I guess.

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Are you minimising or closing windows?

I think things that you have minimised, are reopened when you log back in and windows that been closed with the x are not.

I’m not certain about that because I found a window on the screen every time I have logged in recently which I thought I must have left minimised, now I’m not sure.

Hmm… windows that are minimized on log off will be open when you log back in. Just saying, make sure those windows are indeed closed and not minimized when you log off; it still happens to me sometimes because I forget.

All closed on Quit; Wallet Window open on login.

I’m speculating here, but that sounds like one of those rare and weird bugs that you occasionally see have been fixed at the bottom of patch notes. I would file a support ticket and a bug report.

Yh. Unlike the OP I don’t regard this minor irritation as anything more than that - which is typical of my general attitude towards the Game. It’s intermittent anyway, so…

We do expect our AAA titles to play without too many problems, but even they (Cyberpunk 2077) are not immune to the Game Goblins. What chance EVE?

Though, it is amusing that from a catchy heading like ‘From Extraction To Production’, they haven’t spotted its equally catchy correlate: ‘From Design To Deployment’.

Be Well!

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never had that …

Rename your char file, see if it persist. If it’s now reset then you can either choose to adjust your UI again or if not then go back to that char file and learn to live with it, until it gets solved (lol).

Huh. That is a weird one. Thankfully I’ve never had that happen to me, sounds annoying. Dunno what might cause that. I think I’d try verifying file integrity from the launcher then…yes…clearing cache. Maybe it’s a glitch with the launcher reloading what it thinks were your settings or multiple examples of the same thingybob (technical term) interfering with proper launch or something Please let us know what ccp said about it.

thanks for all of the replies. the problem continues to exist on 4 of my accounts to varying degrees. on my main combat acccouont i get the wallet, assets, market, and people/places everytime i log in. on this account i get wallet and mail, on 2 others just the wallet. my remaining accounts do not appear to have the problem.
yes iam closing , not just minimizing.
In another thread i commented on the ever increasing number of clicks it takes to just log in and do anything. It may only be a few clicks, but multiply times accouts, or when you are changing toons to respoind to a fight it matters.

As said: rename a char file, then login that character and see if the problem persists.

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