Chat not working for new player

Hi all, new user here, sorry for the newb question.

You’re probably all aware of this issue but I can’t open any chat channels. The link shows my port is open,

I have raised a support ticket and, in short Eve blames McAfee. McAfee, however, proved it wasn’t their issue after I turned off all my security and Eve Chat still would not work. McAfee are confused why Eve advise to add to a whitelist as there is not any way for this to work in this manner as the text isn’t a document.

I tried a suggested solution of removing the shared cache to the desktop so the installer re-installed the cache to no avail.

It would seem that many folk have chat issues but there are no remedies that I can find.

Any help would be gratefully received by a new player.

i think that maybe you should post it in the section

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