[AAnon] Asteros Anonymous Low Sec Piracy with Style!

Asteros Anonymous is looking for quality pilots to join in low sec pvp shenanigans!!

We are based in a level 5 mission hub, with lots of content right close to home.

We operate close to several major trade hubs ensuring that content comes to home. We don’t have to travel tons of jumps for good fights.

Daily activities can include:
-Gate Camps
-Small Gang PvP
-Hot Drops
-Solo PvP
-General Piracy
-Mining and industry for all our industry bro’s!

We have all alliance services

  • Jump freighters
  • Ship Rreplacement Plan (SRP)
  • Loot and Ore buyback program
  • Ship handouts and other cool fleets

Join us for a ton of drama free fun!

Here is what i require of you:

Teamspeak 3 with a working Mic is MANDATORY no exceptions
Fairly active, but RL is always a priority
Full API key
Industrial pilots are very welcomed!

Join me in our Public Channel Asteros_Anon for questions

Helena Tremere


Why don’t you guys Drop alliance and come Join Us at Heretic Nation. We have so much more to offer than the alliance you are currently with. If you would like to privately open talks with us just Evemail me and we can start working it out.


Sly Deathwalker

Didn’t you fail cascade already? The SC Nipple dried up already right?

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Still looking for players!

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Still Recruiting, growing fast in the USTZ, happy to have EU and AUTZ Bros as well!!!