Astroco is seeking NullSec PVP Combat Pilots!

(Dano Reed) #1

Astroco Corporation, a proud member of Straight Jacket Bears Alliance is seeking PVP Combat Pilots for our on going efforts in the Scalding Pass region!

Do you enjoy Fleet combat and crushing opponents?

Do you enjoy the tactics and challenges of NullSec combat?

Do you enjoy always having Fleets to join, never a boring moment and the comforts of living with experienced capsuleers in NullSec space?

If you do, come talk to us in our in game channel “Astroco Pub” we would love to hear from you!!!
(Please note a Full API key is required to apply)

Interested in our Kill Board? —

Fly Safe, and create many wrecks!
~Dano Reed
Straight Jacket Bears

(system) #2

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