Astroco - Seeking Nullsec Miners!

Astroco is seeking miners for our endeavors in NullSec space in the beautiful and Bountiful Scalding Pass region.

Astroco is an Industrial and PVP corp looking to bolster our mining effectiveness. We seek miners who are interested in mining in our Nullsec space and joining a group of active players to be part of a team.

We have a fleet of miners almost everyday and are well protected with our PVP members should a situation arise!

The focus of our corporation is to build ships and supply the war efforts of our alliance Straight Jacket Bears.

To do so, we need lots of minerals and construction parts.

  • We offer a Corporation/Alliance Buy Back program to help make the sale of your efforts a smooth and pleasant experience.

We also offer a wealth of planets to conduct PI and offer a buy back program to alleviate the headache of moving your goods to
major trade hubs.

If you would like to join our fleet of miners, whether an experienced veteran, or new to Nullsec mining, join our public in game channel:

  • Astroco Pub

Come speak to one of our recruiters today!

(Please be aware we requires a FULL API key and enough skills to fly a mining barge (Procurer, etc.) or currently training towards a mining barge, if you plan to join our mining fleets!)

Find us online at: http:// astroco .net
Our Alliance: http:// www .crazybears .space

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